Saturday, July 30, 2005

Yay Today!

My calendar came today!! Yay! Hooray!! I am so excited. I love this calendar! It's so big!! And it's purple. And it's big. And there're lines in the boxes. And the boxes are so big! And there's plenty of room to write in the boxes. And there's no picture on top to look at and get distracted by and forget why you went to the calendar in the first place. And it's so big!! I'm so happy!! I'm going to dig out my colored pencils from Mr. Ewers's geography class and use those to color code what's happening. I'll be able to look at the calendar and see in a moment if I work, if Ziggie works, or if Baby Ziggie has a doctor's appointment! Yay me!! Yay FlyLady! Yay calendar!

So today I realized that I have not moved the sofas and vacuumed under them since we put them in their place. And today I realized that Baby Ziggie eats way too many Cheerios in the living room. And today I realized that that combination is not good -- in fact, it spells disaster. Today, Baby Ziggie dropped a sticky piece of paper down between the sofa and the end table, and when I retrieved it for him, it came up covered in ants. That's right. Disgusting. Now, please. Don't get the wrong idea. I am a great housekeeper. Most of our house is beautifully clean, if somewhat disorganized. But it's clean. I just somehow never connected Cheerios + dark space under the sofa = ant and millipede co-habitat. So I spent about three hours this morning moving all the furniture I could in our living room and vacuuming under it -- the sofas, three of our bookshelves, the treadmill, the dog kennel, the end table, the coffee table, and most of the toys. I found about 15 board books under one sofa, an old toothbrush, and several baby toys that have been missing since Baby Ziggie was 6 or 7 months old. New resolution #1 -- I will vacuum under my sofas at least every other week, if not every week. New resolution #2 -- there will not be as much eating in the living room as there used to be. New resolution #3 -- we're buying ant traps.

After I moved all the furniture and vacuumed under it, I wiped it down with a wash cloth and orange cleaner. I'm out of orange cleaner now. Then I washed the baseboards and the walls behind all the furniture. Then I vacuumed the sofa cushions really, really, really well. Then I pulled the Sleep-or-Sofa out and vacuumed it. I pulled mattress off and vacuumed under it. I vacuumed the window sills, and wiped them down with the wash cloth and Windex, since I was out of orange cleaner. Then I took a shower and got all the cleaner off of me, and washed that creepy feeling that ants are crawling all over you out of my hair and off my arms.

So now, under my sofas is clean. Tonight, after Baby Ziggie went to bed, and after I fed the dogs, I swept my kitchen floor and sprayed ant spray along the doorway and all the baseboards, as well as by the fridge and stove and trash can. So now my kitchen floor looks clean, and I've taken care of any ants that may find their way in there. I'm so proud of myself, because my house is looking so good!

I took my father in law out shopping today. He needed new clothes. So we got him two new shirts and two ties, a pair of pants, some socks, and a pair of dress shoes. He's going to look so snazzy!! While we were out, we got some chalk for my chalkboard. Yay me!!

I feel good tonight. I shaved my legs today, and I wore a skirt. I haven't worn a skirt in so long, I forgot how feminine they make me feel! My hair is all clean, and still smells good, because it's been put up all day. I'm going to go soak my feet, and curl up with a good book.

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