Saturday, April 25, 2009

Where I've been, What I've been doing, and With whom I've been doing it...

A friend asked me today how I beat the crazies when I'm home alone with my kids all the time. And I gave her a few suggestions, but one that I forgot to mention (and must remember to tell her later) is to join an online community.

Recently I started Twittering. Yes, it's true. I am officially crazy. :D See, I like to blog, because I imagine that I have this vast audience intently hanging on my every word. I like to imagine them languishing when I don't post for several days (or months!) at a time. But the truth is... my blog is kind of sad. :D I was gone for several months, and none of my friends commented or noticed. (By the way, I don't mind.)

However, Twittering has led me to a whole host of other moms, with similar tastes and problems. So I tweet back and forth, and before I know it, I'm reading a blog. And then I follow a link through the comments to another blog. And another. So now I'm reading the blogs of about 10 different mothers, and I'm going crazy with my bookmarks. Then I discovered the glory of Google Reader. Yay!!

So now, I will be blogging more. And I think it will be better. :D


angie said...

I've tried Twittering a few times. I think I'm missing something, because I don't quite get it. :)

Ella Jo said...

Well, it's a thing. It's less... what are you doing and more... What are you thinking? What's on your mind?

For example: It's how I met Carissa.