Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Time Flies...

Well, it's been nearly a month since I last posted. And this time it's not because life is particularly rough or tough right now. I just haven't really needed the outlet.

My mom made an interesting comment in a conversation we had a few weeks ago. She said that I usually don't last in a relationship more than two or three years before I'm running away -- trying to get out. And at the time, what she said really applied to the situation. But now I'm trying to figure out why she said that. I'm trying to think of examples in my life where I've had a chance to be in a relationship -- any kind of relationship -- for more than two years. And all I really think back to is High School. And most of my real friends from High School, I still talk to. Pearl, Job, Zach, and even Mark from time to time. However... I don't really talk to anyone from my old church. And there's no one before high school still in my life. I have a friend that I met while I was in college (he didn't go to school there, he was just visiting), and I still talk to him a lot. But no one else from college.

I don't know... Do I try to escape relationships or ties? Or has my environment not allowed many relationships or ties? Or am I just really picky in whom I choose to surround myself with, and this leads to short-lived relationships?

I really think the only way I'm going to "answer" this question is to ask my mom what she meant. But until I find a way to ask her without coming across as defensive -- what do you think?

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