Thursday, September 07, 2006

Good things...

Today started out horribly!! Ziggie and I got in a fight. BabyBear would not obey me. The dog got out not once, but three times!! The doctor's office didn't realize what the attention span of a two year old is, and made us sit forever and ever.But it got better. The doctor told me nothing was wrong with either of us (BabyBear or myself), so I'm not worrying too much.

I'm not in as much pain as I was yesterday. Partly because I wasn't stupid and didn't walk six miles yesterday (only two) -- I can walk better now that my muscles aren't yelling at me for walking too much; and the rest because the physical therapist fixed me!! I went in and she looked at me again, and said... "I don't think your one leg is longer than the other at all! I think you're just out of whack." So she gave me an amazing massage on my back (actually she was realigning my hips. It just felt really, really good.) While she did that, we talked about our kids and our jobs, and I grew to like her more than I did already. So I was relaxed a little, and then I stood up, and presto!! No pain!! It's amazing. It really is. I can even bend over now and not really feel the pain in my back. I just can't explain how good it feels to be without pain for the first time in months!! I mean, it's still a little sore from being used incorrectly all this time, but still... And still today it feels great!! I leaned over my son's bed tonight -- with him in my arms!! I haven't done that pain-free for over six months.

Then I went to work, where I won a 20" flatscreen T.V. But I get the cash for it instead. :D We had hamburgers and brownies and a big celebratory end of August meeting today. It was very fun, very encouraging, and very motivating. I can't wait to get back to work tomorrow!!

Then BabyBear was in a great mood tonight, and I got to spend some time with him and Ziggie. That was really nice. I miss my munchkin during the day and my man at night.

Well, I really, really wanted to get to bed before 11:30 tonight, so I'd better go. :D I'm not going to make my goal, but I don't have to leave it in the dust!!

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