Saturday, April 20, 2013


I've been reading blogs about weight loss, trying to psych myself up, get in the right mindset, and arm myself with information that will help me stick to the goal this time. One of the things that I read, and I remember having a conversation about this with my friend last year, is that you need to positively motivate yourself. So instead of saying, "I look disgusting", I should say, "I want to be thinner." Part of this exercise is making a list of things that you are hoping to achieve by losing weight. So here is my list, and I'll probably be adding to it over the next few weeks and months.

  • I will weigh 145, a healthy weight for my height.
  • I will fit into the clothes that I wore when I was pregnant with T.
  • I will be able to jog a 10 minute mile.
  • I will be able to walk 5 miles at a time.
  • I will fit into the seats at an amusement park.
  • I will sit in our dining room chairs without fearing they will break.
  • I will have the energy not to sleep all day.
  • I will get a good tan this summer from playing all day outside with my boys.
  • My digestive system will be calmer and more regular.
  • I will walk without my legs sticking to each other.
  • I will shave my legs more often because I can bend over better.
  • My back will be stronger because there is less fat pulling it the wrong direction.
  • I will have sex more often because I am more attractive to myself and to my husband.
  • I will enjoy swimming more often because I am not ashamed.
  • I will not stretch the seat belt so far when I am in the car.
  • I will eat when I am hungry, and not when I am bored or sad.
  • I will be able to lift X without hurting myself.
  • I will fit on the toilet seat.
  • I will wear shorts and skirts comfortably.
  • Bras and underwear will fit more comfortably.
  • I will be able to shop at normal stores instead of "plus sized women" stores.
  • I will please God with the choices I make in caring for his temple.

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