Saturday, April 20, 2013

What about now?

My last post is an ongoing post of what I hope to accomplish by losing weight. But another list that I think is important is what I like about myself now. So this post will be an ongoing post answering the question "What will not change?"

  • I love my hair. It is long, and a gorgeous brown with a tiny bit of red in it. It's thick and beautiful.
  • I love my eyebrows. They are a great shape, and very flattering to my face. They're dark and thick, and look very nice when I take the time to get rid of the strays.
  • I love praying for other people. I love that God has given me a passion to pray for others.
  • I love how consistent I am with spending time in God's word every night. I'd like to add a morning devotional, but that hasn't happened just yet.
  • I love my family, and I'm happy with the relationships I'm edifying.
  • I love having big boobs, even if I wish they fit in bras better. I will miss having them when I lose the weight.
  • I love my mental abilities. I'm sharp and focused when I have a project, and I love that.
  • I love my imagination. I make up stories all the time, and it's a constant source of amusement.
  • I love my honesty. I still find myself working very hard not to exaggerate or bend the truth, but I love the strides I've made in that area.
  • I love my thankful nature, especially my thanks to God. I anticipate even more praises and thank you's in the coming months and years.

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