Tuesday, April 04, 2006


A friend of a friend posted this, and I feel that it is particularly appropriate tonight. My son is two, and is very, very fond of his "Bath!! Buzzles!!" (Bubble bath) Tonight I turned on the water and poured in the bubbles and went to put the dog outside. When I came back, BigBoy was sitting in the tub, happily playing with his ducks and foam letters. I turned off the water and left again, staying within earshot. All of a sudden I hear "heehee heehee heehee... HA HA HA!!" This odd sound repeats itself a few more times, really really loudly. Then I hear KER-TWHAP-BUMP-DONK. I go rushing in, in time to see my son stand back up and run to the other end of the tub. KER-TWHAP-BUMP-DONK. Feet hit side of tub, butt hits water, feet hit tub again, butt hits tub again. "HEEHEE HEEHEE HEEEEEEEEEEEE!"

I looked down, and I had to be standing in at least an inch of water. I said, "Topher, keep the water in the tub!" He grinned, pointed, and said, "You mess, Mommy." And I said, "Do you know how the mess got here?"

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