Tuesday, April 25, 2006

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There are days when I really wish that I weren't Mommy. Today is not one of them. I am so proud of my little boy today. He is sweet, and helpful, and utterly innocent (meaning he's not malicious).

My Mother-in-Law (MiL) bought this little boy a movie "Once Upon a Potty" and a doll and "potty" to go with it. My son absolutely loves this little anatomically correct doll, and calls him Tony. Today he saw that I had a sink full of bubbles. BabyBoy bathes in bubbles, and to his recollection, Tony has never had a bath. So Baby Tony got tossed into my filthy sink water, to get a bath.

There is a certain children's character that has the same name as my FiL (Father-in-Law). Yesterday we put a diaper on BabyBoy that had this character on it, and he yelled, "Papa!! Papa!!" and we tried to tell him he was wrong, it was just a character, but he just kept shouting "Papa!! Papa!!" This morning he demanded that he "Papa Talk Call!! Papa talk call!!" So we called Papa, and my son actually talked to him. He told him where he was, and what he had for breakfast, and about his diaper, and the puppy knocking him over. And I sat here in amazement as my tiny baby carried on an entire conversation with his grandfather, who didn't have a clue what was being said to him. :D

In short, I am proud that my son is sweet, and caring, and mostly obedient. He is a joy to have around, and I'm not the only one who says so. I love it when I have to let someone watch him, and they tell me how polite he was. I love that the Lord has worked in our lives to the point that when my son mimics us, he mimics politeness and kindness, and good behavior. What a blessing the Lord has given me. And what a blessing that HE has given me the heart to see HIS hand on my son.

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