Friday, January 22, 2010

A little here, a little there...

1. (weight/fitness) I weighed 216.9 tonight. There are certain extenuating circumstances, but I basically need to be watching what I eat more. I've been splurging a little, and I can definitely tighten the belt a little more, so that I can... ahem... tighten my belt. :D Sorry, I had to. But there are healthier choices I can be making so that I meet my nutritional needs in fewer calories. Also... I could be working out every day, instead of four days a week. I think I will aim for five work outs of at least 40 minutes every week, and 1400 calories a day, instead of 1500. These are moderate, doable changes that can be sustained long term.

2. (mental health) I attended my bipolar group and was much edified. I really get a lot from meeting with these women. We talked about affirmations, and about how we could apply them to our own lives. I was able to share a secret that I have very rarely shared, and found that two other women have been touched by this same thing. It was nice to share and be really understood.

3. (parenting) I finished James Dobson's "Strong Willed Child". I saw a lot of myself and a lot of my oldest in his description of a strong willed child. Also, he helped me see that by letting little things slide, I am setting myself up for yelling and anger later. By doing this, I am eliminating my most effective tools before I get started. So I'm working on using my tools right away, and not yelling at the kiddos. So I met one goal. My next goal in this area is to finish "Bipolar Child".

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