Saturday, January 16, 2010

Rough going...

1. (weight/fitness) Yesterday (the 14th) was kind of a blah day. I was crabby, and exhausted after a long night with the boys. I did not do a workout, I did not weigh in, and I did not track my calories. Today was a much better day. I wrote down all that I ate, and I made healthy choices today. I also weighed in at 217.6, meaning I've lost 5.9 lbs since Dec. 27th. This is a good rate of loss, and I think I'm doing well. I'm very much enjoying my workouts with EA Active More Workouts. They keep you going and the trainer gives good feedback. This is motivating.

2. (mental health) I'm taking my meds regularly and I'm feeling good. I'm looking forward to being able to attend support group again on Wednesday. I haven't attended the last three due to completely forgetting, and then Chad has had church the last two. The encouragement of the other ladies is good for me. I find myself more motivated to learn things, and I do learn things from these ladies. I invited a friend to come with me, because she also has bipolar, and I hope she will be able to come.

3. (parenting) The last three days have been tough, as the boys have not been sleeping well. Baby went through a growth spurt, and BigBoy got an ear infection. The combination has meant some long nights for Mama. We've had some rough times, but by leaning on my husband, we've been able to make it. We keep each other in check well, which is really encouraging for my marriage. So while my temper has been shorter than I wanted, I think I've parented okay. I had to apologize for yelling last night, and we had to modify the punishment we gave. However, his behavior at school has been very good, and he's been pretty good for us here at home. So I think something is being done right.

All in all, I think for my first goal I'm making great progress. For my second goal, I'm doing okay. For my third goal, I need to step up and buckle down.

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'michelle's world' said...

i'm proud of you...keep up the good work!