Saturday, February 11, 2006

~Big Yawn~

So I've been sick since my last post. It sucks. I hate being sick. I hate having Ziggie have to watch both me and Baby. I hate not being able to care for my son and my house. It drives me nuts not to do laundry or dishes. I hate that my counters are grimy and my bed smells like BO and dog. My dog stinks to high heaven. I don't have the energy to do anything, and I don't really care!!

Okay, all done complaining. :D Actually, last night I got some amazing deep sleep, and my sweetie let me take a five hour nap this afternoon/evening. So I feel a lot better, my counters are relatively clear and not grimy anymore. My son vacuumed the living room this morning, and I swept the hallway, to show him how. :D Then he tried to sweep the sofa and the dog, and we had to put the broom away. :D

I'm way behind on my schoolwork, and I've got tons of homework. I'll do it tomorrow. :D

I'm sleepy again, so I'm going to knock off for the night. :D

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