Tuesday, February 28, 2006

It's a Wonderful Life

Today, not one, not two, but three amazing things happened for me.

First, my son peed and pooped on the potty!! Hooray!! I bugged him all morning, and finally, right after lunch and right before his nap, he sat on the potty!! I'm so very proud of him. This is the first time that he has pooped on the potty for real. On his birthday he got just a tiny bit, but not even trying. It just kind of fell off his toosh. :D But today, he actively tried and succeeded to use the toilet!! I'm so proud of my big boy!!

Second, the mail came. We had ordered a replacement for the library book my dog so kindly ate for me, and now I can finish the story!! I know this is trivial, but seriously, I had just stopped in the middle of a really intense part. I'm so excited to finish it!! It'll probably wait until Wednesday, but still!!!

And third, I got to work tonight!! I flew like never before. Our goal was 850 pieces an hour, and my highest was 1277. My lowest was 960. I did great!! I'm not really bragging; I'm just very proud of myself. I work hard, and I do a good job. I didn't have to recount a single area tonight!! I'm so excited to see that I'm getting better. The more I work, the more I like this job. That in itself is such a blessing!! Plus (knock on wood), my stomach isn't acting up!! I think I can keep this job as part-time for quite a while!!

Another good (but not quite amazing) thing that happened was that my teacher sent my work back to me, and she really loved it. We had evaluate ourselves, and I evaluated myself pretty highly. I wrote down where I could improve, but asserted that I felt I was already demonstrating the skills they hope us to have learned by the end of the course. The teacher laughed, but agreed with me. I know that it's only because I've already taken similar courses twice, but still. I'm glad to see that I'm not coming across as condescending.

On a separate note entirely...
I had a friend inform me that when I spoke to some of my coworkers on Saturday, I had come across as condescending. That really disappointed me. I have always had to work very hard on that, and I'm disappointed to hear that I'm not doing as well anymore as I thought I had been. I need to start thinking about it a little more often, and listening to the tone of my voice.

Saturday I had an incident I didn't really understand. There was a girl who was downloading some info at work, and I was waiting for her to finish. I said something that implied she was taking too long, and I hurt her feelings. When I think about it, I was actually quite rude. I'm not sure why I was so rude to her, and there is no excuse for it. I apologized tonight and told her that I was very sorry that I was so rude. She said, "Yeah, you were rude. It really made me mad at you. I'm glad you apologized, but you were really, really rude." I agreed and told her I had no excuse. What I didn't understand is *why* I was so rude to her. And why she was so rude to me that day, and tonight.

And all of a sudden it hit me... We had had a cat fight!! Minor, but still!! Yesterday I called in sick for work because I was all crampy and bloating. And tonight she was running around seeing if anyone had a tampon. We were both PMSing, and neither of us realized it. We both laughed about it at the end of our shift tonight, because now we both knew part of why we had acted so out of character for us. I wonder if we are kind of like dogs -- we subconsciously recognize when another woman is about to start, and we get defensive and catty. I don't know...

Well, I'm tired, and I'm going to bed now. Good night!!

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