Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Post-Valentine's Day Blues...

Yesterday my sweetie gave me the sweetest gift ever!! He helped me fold laundry and wash laundry and he cleaned out the closet and put a whole bunch of clothes in a pile for Goodwill and then carried them to the back of the van and put all the clean laundry away!! It was so much fun and the absolutely best Valentine's I've ever had!!

But today I am blue. I have no idea why. I'm tired and cranky and just blue. I don't want to do anything and I just want to sit in my pajamas enjoying silence. It's not going to happen -- I have a two year old.

Heehee... :D The dog is enjoying his toys and is really being cute. He's really become a good dog the last few months, and I'm proud of him. He is shedding like mad and making us all sick -- which now that I think about it, is probably resposible for my blues. I'm allergic to dog hair and I slept in it all night last night and had weird dreams about clumps of dog hair rising from the carpet to swallow me. So I didn't sleep well and I'm a little sick. Huh... all I have to do is journal for two minutes, and I find the cause of my blues!!


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