Wednesday, February 22, 2006

A confession

I want you (my friends, family, and readers) to know that when I wrote the entry about my first family, I was in the midst of a deep angst. I miss them and love them, and I'm hurt by their response toward me. But I have accepted that (for the most part) and I don't think about it daily, or even weekly. Just every now and then I am overcome with a sadness for them. Usually I find that is an excellent time to pray for them. But every now and then I respond sinfully and become angry at them. This is a sin because I have already forgiven them, and to bring it up again is not right.

I'm feeling pretty good today. I feel like celebrating... I'm not sure why!! I feel like today is going to be amazing, and I'm so happy!! My son slept in a little, and I feel amazing!! I slept okay last night, and I don't think I'm even going to need a nap. The SlimFast tastes amazing!!

HEY!! It's lunchtime!! Yay!!!

Topher is feeling awesome. I love it when he's in this mood.

Dear Father,
Thank you for today. Thank you for my good mood. Thank you for my son. Thank you. Thank you that lunch tastes great! Thank you for all I've accomplished today. Thank you for being so great!! Thank you, Father.

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