Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Heavy Weights and Feather Weights...

I know I've posted some heavy stuff on my blog lately. I'm not apologizing... per se. I am sorry if it's caused you angst or bothered you. But I am not apologizing for posting it. :D I've been really wrestling with some stuff lately. Writing is so cathartic for me.

Now for some light stuff!!

The other night I worked again. I am really loving this job!! We were supposed to get 450 pieces an hour, and my highest was 523 an hour. My average at the end was 509 an hour!! I'm so thrilled!! I love being good at this. Plus, I get my first paycheck on Friday, and it was a lot more than I expected!!

My schoolwork is coming along. I could really use some encouragement sometimes... I keep procrastinating and then I have to cram 2 months of assignments into two weeks. :D It's my own fault, I know. I really do think better in short blocks of time like this. If I were to draw this out it's entire length, I would have forgotten what I did two weeks ago, and had to go back and reread it all. Now all I have to do is remember what I read yesterday!! :D I am really loving school, and I'm eager to get into the actual computer stuff!!

I have to mend a bunch of pants today and I don't really want to. I need to change the sheets on the bed. And I need to vacuum the bedroom.

I've been working on losing weight. I've got 32 pounds to go!! The doctor says he'd like me to lose about 15 a month. :D I think I can do it!! I've been exercising for at least fifteen minutes for the last two days, and I always feel better when I'm done. It seems that the more I lose, the better my tummy feels. I know that this won't last forever, but once I get down to my ideal weight, I'm eager to see how I'll feel. I started the Meijer brand of SlimFast today, and I'm amazed. This stuff really tastes great!! I really want more, and I know I shouldn't. :D Ziggie tried some last night, and even he liked it!! And he doesn't like Chocolate like I do. :D I'm so happy. I'm hoping this will help a little. Sometimes I forget breakfast or lunch or I combine them into a brunch. But now I'm looking forward to my meals!!! Yay!!

So cheer me on in school and weight loss.


Micah said...

Hey Claire-Elaine it's been great to see what God's been doing in your life! Keep up the good work on exercising and your school work. God bless.

Barb said...

No apologies necessary, friend! I appreciate gut-level honesty--it is the first place to start. If someone went through my past journals (I wasn't as brave--they are on paper), they would see anxious running-around-in-circles and eating-myself-up-with-guilt and desperate prayers. That was my style. My style has changed a little in the last ten years--maybe as God heard those desperate prayers and worked in my life. No longer being eaten up by false-guilt. No longer going around in circles (at least not most of the time). Now more calm prayer and capturing of thoughts going through, though there are always exceptions.
Change of subject: Do you like work so much not only because you're good at it, Claire-Elaine, but also because you can order these things with ease? That kind of easy-ordering-of-things can give my sometimes-restless mind a rest, plus I love to see results that stay good. Another plus--your better-than-expected paycheck!! :)
Love you.

SweetChicken said...

Thank you for the encouragement!!

And Barb, I think you may have a point. My job is an easy outlet for my natural tendency to order things. Although really, I'm not putting things where they belong, rather I'm just counting them. And yes, the paycheck was very nice and such a relief!!