Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Anniversary Part 2

It seems that on my last post, I didn't fully communicate my joy about this anniversary.

This anniversary marks:
1. the end of abuse in my life -- both mental and physical
2. the beginning of my true journey toward salvation
3. the beginning of a new life for me. It was during this time that I transformed from Claire to Claire-Elaine -- similar to Saul's metamorphosis into Paul
4. the beginning of stability in my life
5. the first time in my life that I was able to stay in one school, one church -- I made friends during the last eight years that I still keep in touch with; friends that I still love
6. the second time in my life that I truly felt at home -- loved and appreciated
7. a feeling of security that I had never felt before -- the end of constant fear in my life
8. the beginning of a relationship that would eventually lead to my forever family
9. the healing of a rotten wound
10. a time when Christ was truly able to apply His peace to my heart
11. the breaking down of many strongholds within my soul
12. the transformation of so many ashes into the beauty He had planned all along

In short, I am exhilarated to celebrate this anniversary. It was the beginning of so much joy for me, and the end of so much pain.

I celebrate this anniversary because I know that every year, as I look back to this special day, I will see more and more that God has done in my life. I am so excited to see what He will have accomplished in my heart after 10 years, 15, 20. I have no idea what His plans are, but I'm no longer afraid of them. I embrace His will for my life, and I'm so eager to continue on that journey.

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Barb said...

I am so glad for the clarity of this post #2 on the anniversary, friend. It is not many people who can see so clearly the good coming out of life events. The more I understand your heart and perspective, the more I respect you, Claire-Elaine. I am so glad to know you, friend. Lots of love...