Monday, March 06, 2006


I'm so tired, I can barely think. I'm eating some Lucky Charms because my stomach is thinking for me right now. Then I'm going to bed. :D

Tonight was a good night. We did the store in great time, and I did okay. I averaged around 600 pieces an hour, a little bit more. We didn't have a goal, but a lot of people did right about that, maybe a little less. While I was pulling all the little yellow tags, my team left without me. It's funny because I was pulling right next to the girl driving me, and then she disappeared, and we couldn't find her. So I got left, and I got an extra two hours of work/pay in. So hey!! I got a ride home with the rest of the Huntington team, and I really like them.

Ziggie and Baby are both sick, and I'm kind of hoping that Ziggie will call in sick. At the same time, that would make it harder to justify sending Baby to the sitter's, but neither of us will be in any shape to watch him.

Well, my three minutes are up, and I'm really tired. So 'night!!


Barb said...

Your three minutes are up? Does that mean you've decided to write at least 3 minutes a day when you write, or you had a three minute time allotment on the computer (how generous!! :) ) or... . Hope you feel more energized soon. Love you, Barb

SweetChicken said...

I decided that I was going to journal for at least three minutes a day. And I didn't want to be up for ages about it, either. :D