Monday, March 06, 2006


Today is an anniversary for me. I have lived in the same state for eight years now. I've known my parents for eight years now.

Eight years ago today was a Friday. My sister's dad loaded the van with all the stuff we had packed during the two weeks before. The other three went to stay with our grandparents. Then Charles and Ann and I drove to Indiana. I remember wishing that it were just me and Charles. I sat in the back, all crammed in among my stuff, and read a book.

When we got to Indianapolis, Charles and Ann went into an office with my caseworker, and they talked for about two and a half hours. I sat in a chair in the hallway and looked at a Real Estate guide. I napped a little, and flipped through some other similar guides. I remember there was a bowl of peppermints downstairs, and I got one as we left.

When we left, we followed my caseworker's blue truck to the home I would be living in. We got there, and I was relieved to get out of the van. I was nervous, and I wondered if I would recognize anyone. There were two little boys playing in another room while we unloaded all my stuff. One was my oldest little brother, and the other was the first child to come live with my new parents.

We toured the house, and then my sister's parents left. We had KFC for dinner, my choice. :D Then we discovered that we had accidentally unloaded Ann's bag, and we had to mail it back the next day.

It's amazing to think about how much I've grown in the last eight years.

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Anonymous said...

What a hard new-beginning to remember, friend. When I try to put myself into your place (I can't--not really), I think of what looks like something very painful, and what it is still becoming today. Yes, a door closed, but a door also opened. This door that opened is still opening more and more bit by bit. Friend, you are making good choices about your past--to acknowledge it and work through it. You will come out on top in the end because you're choosing to side with God, and God and you are a majority. The enemy's tried to destroy you, but God has plans...still. The story is not any where near over. Also, you are helping many others that you don't even know about along the way. Have a good day, friend. I love you very much, and God loves you more.