Thursday, March 02, 2006

Being Bubbles...

Well, Ziggie and Baby are both sick. I called Ziggie's work for him, and I'm turning his alarm off. I don't care what he says; he's too sick to go to work, and I want to have my friends over tomorrow night. If he sleeps, then he may feel better tomorrow afternoon. If he feels better, I can have my friends over!! I miss grown-ups. I miss real live grown-ups with voices and laughter and warm bodies. I miss people who use verbs in their sentences and eat more things than Cheerios and apple slices. Plus, our friends have a tiny little girl. She just turned a year, and I'm so excited to play with a small baby. My son is so big now, and he doesn't let me play with him. I can watch him play. I can get the toys out. But I don't get to actually get down on my hands and knees and play with him. "I wanna" is his mantra. Ahh.... Grown ups!!

I hope that Ziggie and Baby are both better tomorrow because it's not fun taking care of them both, either. Baby is sleeping better tonight than he did last night (so far... Knock on wood), and that's a very good sign. The doctor gave them both antibiotics, and I'm eager to see how much good it'll do.

I, in the meantime, am feeling better than I've felt in a long time. I kind of feel bad, being all happy and chipper and energetic when they're both lounging around holding their heads and hacking their lungs up. But, if I weren't feeling well, they would both be running around being loud. So I am thankful that I can care for them and get a couple hours to myself tonight!!

Dear Father,
You know my family. Please help my guys to get better. It seems like everyone in the world is sick, and it's not fun for any of us. Help Andrew, and Ziggie, and Baby to all feel better. Touch their spirits as well as their bodies, and make your love especially apparent these next few days. Thank you so much for my health right now, and let that continue. I like taking care of my guys, and I enjoy having my husband home. Thank you for the quiet time tonight that I could spend with you. I love you, Father, and I appreciate all that you've done to help me remember throughout the last couple weeks. You have made yourself known and remembered, and I thank you. Again, I love you.

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