Friday, March 03, 2006

"I'm the Baby!!!"

Today was an interesting day. Ziggie and Booger were both sick again, and I made Ziggie stay home from work. That was okay. I'm starting to get a touch of it all, but I'm feeling a lot better than they are. We did have to cancel on our friends, because Booger is still running a fever, and while I feel badly, I'm not really bummed.

I watched Never Been Kissed tonight. I had forgotten how much I like that movie. I really connect with it, on several levels. In High School I always felt like Josie did. I never really fit in, and I was often the butt of the jokes. At least, until my senior year. By then I was comfortable enough in the skin I had made for myself that I was fairly popular (Homecoming Queen Runner-Up!!!), and I wasn't the butt of too many jokes. :D Of course... falling in the canal and losing my glasses in the ocean are two things I will never live down. :D Anyway... I really like this movie.

Today I was sitting on the sofa with Booger on my lap and I told Ziggie "I have to pee, and there's a child on my bladder." He says, "That's probably why you have to pee! See, you keep asking me to get pregnant, and it's just like being pregnant again!!" And I said, "Yeah, but I don't get the baby at the end." And Booger turned around and said, "I'm the Baby!!!"

On a sidenote: Does anyone recognize this actress? Hint: She plays a snobby teen in Never Been Kissed. She's Disco Barbie at the prom!!

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