Friday, March 10, 2006


Well, yesterday was interesting... to say the least. I got my homework done and sent it to my prof for revisions. I still have the final essay due on Wed. and I just started the Intro. So I'm just a little under a quarter of the way done. Eh well.

I called in to work because there were two people working that I didn't feel like working with, and I was feeling particularly crabby. I didn't feel like getting fired for fighting with Dani (as usual, not her real name). So I called in, and I don't have to work again until Sunday night. Yay!!

Ziggie and I caught up on some TV last night, and he went to bed early.

Today I ran a bunch of errands. I'm feeling pretty good. Not as great as I felt when I went to bed last night, but I'm excited to have friends over tonight. I'm going to get some other friends to come out in a week or so and watch Baby, so that I can force Ziggie to go see She's the Man with me. :D I'm really gonna have to twist his arm on that one!!

I started a really good book a couple weeks ago, and I'm on like chapter four. I just never get the time to sit down and read it. Between homework, work, and errands, I barely have time for my son and husband, much less pleasure reading. Oh well. I wouldn't trade my Booger or my Ziggie for enough free time to read all the books in the world.

Well... that's it from me!!

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Andrew said...

I understand the paper thing. I remember the days of having to do papers and all the last minute work that I was doing to write a paper I had had two monthes to write but just couldn't find the time to write it until the night before! Praying for you! Have a good weekend and hope you feel better! God bless!!!
-Andrew I.