Tuesday, March 14, 2006


It's been a month since Valentine's, and it's one more month until a friend's birthday. It's kind of a fun anniversary to celebrate. Friend -- enjoy your last 31 days before you're no longer in your early teens!!

I got my essay for that class I hate done yesterday. I feel really awesome having that off my shoulders. I just have to wait for the prof to send it back, then I edit it, and I'm done with the class for good!! Let me tell you: I am never taking a critical thinking/problem solving class again!!

I got a lot done this morning, as well, and I feel pretty good.

Saturday I went down to Indy to see my parents, and we had a ton of fun. I did a Pampered Chef party for my mom, and it went really well. Ziggie took Baby to the Children's Museum with my dad and siblings, and they had a lot of fun, too. Sunday we stayed home from church so Baby could make up for his missed nap and late night, and we just enjoyed being a family together. After Baby went to bed, Ziggie and I just sat on the sofa and read for a while. It was very, very pleasant.

Well... I'm tired right now, and I'm not sure why. I got my full eight hours last night. I think...

So off I go!! Nigh' Night!!

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Barb said...

Congrats on finishing (almost) your critical-thinking class. Why did you take it? A challenge? A requirement? It is great discipline for an "intuitive," but very hard I think. Reminds me of teaching Micah the rudiments of chess and then having him grow extremely logical and start beating me every time. Don't mind being beaten at times, but it can get old. :) Love you. Barb